Foggy Morning.


Roused by the clanging of the streetlamp hood,
I dragged myself out of bed.
At a glance was the sight of a vast field cloaked in heavy fog.
The cool breeze swayed the coconut tree’s leaves,
Yet the beast is dwarfed by the slender tree’s solitary reign.

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When Classmates Meet Again


They were my classmates in law school: Judge Ruben and Judge Lori. Meeting them again after 28 long years brought back memories of our youth. I am the one in the middle.

We haven’t aged a bit, have we?

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How Jessica Mitford Exposed A $48m Scam From America’s Literary Establishment

David Gaughran

Cerf1Jessica Mitford took on the American funeral industry, the California Department of Corrections, and the Ku Klux Klan, but it was her 1970 exposé of The Famous Writers School which led to Time calling her “The Queen of the Muckrakers.” And if a courageous editor hadn’t reversed his decision to kill her story, it might never have happened.

Mitford had been aware of The Famous Writers School’s existence for some time. Anyone who was a frequent reader of newspapers, books or magazines would have seen its ever-present advertisements, inviting aspiring writers to cut out and apply for the free aptitude test. While Mitford was suspicious, she didn’t have anything concrete until her lawyer husband took on a new client.

Bob Treuhaft was approached by a 72-year old widow, living on Social Security, who had cleaned out her bank account to make a down-payment to The Famous Writers School. On the…

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